Cava, L’Bella, Italy $9 BTL$32

2015 Growers Cava, Ya Cuvee 23 Brut, Mendoza, Argentina $10 BTL $35

Prosecco, Bariano, Italy $9 BTL $32

Peach Moscato, Italy $10 BTL $35


2020 Sauvignon Blanc, White Cliff, New Zealand $11 BTL $39

2020 Pinot Grigio, Angelini, Italy $9 BTL $32

2020 Picpoul De Pinet, Jadix, France, $10 $35

2019 Chenin Blanc, Lubanzi, Swartland, South Africa, $11 BTL $39

2017 Chardonnay, Steel Barrel, Oro Bello, CA $13 BTL $45

2017 Chardonnay, Oak Barrel, House of Cards, Sonoma, CA $12 BTL $42

2019 Pinot Gris A to Z, Oregon, $9 $32

2019 Riesling, Bex, Germany $9 BTL $32

 2020 Moscato, Raywood, CA $9 BTL $39

Tabor Hill Classic, Demi Sweet, MI $9 BTL $32


2020 White Cliff, New Zealand, $9 $32

Roditas D’ Estrelle, Greece, $9 BTL $32


2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, Cab is King, CA $15 BTL $52

Colossal Reserva, Portugal $9 BTL $32

2015 Monastrell, Marques Excriba, Spain, $11 BTL $39

2016 Pinot Noir, Dancing Coyote, CA $11 BTL $39

2016 Chateau Blaignan Medoc Bourdeaux, France, $16 $56

2014 Syrah, Sobon Estate, Plymouth, CA $10 BTL $35

2018 Commanderie Des Hospitaliers, Pays Cathare, France $13 $45

2015 Petite Sirah, Thurston Wolfe, horse Heaven Hills, WA $13 BTL $45

2019 Malbec, Mendoza Argentina, $12 BTL $42

2018 Chianti Classico, San Felice, Italy, $12 BTL $42

2018 Cabernet Franc, Aguijone de Abeja, San Juan, Argentina, $11 BTL$39

House Wines

2017 Sauv Blanc $8 BTL $28

Cranberry, $8 BTL $28

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, $8 BTL $28

Jumilla Red Blend, $8 BTL $28

2017 Pinot Noir, $8 BTL $28

 2016 Merlot, $8 BTL $28

Voruta, Semi Sweet $8 BTL $28

Wine Flights

All Flights include four wines
$  16.00


great balance of fruit tingly acidity and subtle sweetness
crisp, w/hints of orange peel
Growers Cava
champagnoise w/ a great nose an awesome mouthfeel, pineapple overtones
Peach Moscato
refreshing juicy ripe Peach

Full Dry Whites

Pinot Gris
aromas of honeysuckle and acacia yield to citrus fruits, white peaches and nectarines
Oro Bello Chardonnay
toasted oak and butter with aromas of pineapple, kiwi and apples
Chenin Blanc
aromas of white peach, under ripe guava, yellow melon and a touch of talc
Sonoma Chardonnay
Aromas of lemon citrus core w/ pear & crisp apple hint of brioche and toast

Spicy, Brambly, Dry Reds

Colossal Reserva
red ripe fruits, floral notes w/ notes of spices
organic bright fruit with creamy texture, plum after tones
full bodied with rich silky flavors dark fruit
marshmallow, milk chocolate & grassy berry aromas

Light Dry Whites

Sauvignon Blanc
notes of lime, gooseberry and a
subtle grassiness
Roditas, D' Estelle
aromas of bananas, apples and pears
Sauvignon Blanc
lively tropical fruit of guava & passion fruit
fresh fruit flavors w/ aromas of summer berries


bright cranberry color with a
fruity aromatic nose
full bodied, lots of cassis, sweet and lush
apricot and sweet peach aromas with honey and
orange blossom notes
Tabor Hill
juicy peach, apricot, ripe pear,
melon w/ mineral notes

Big, Bold, Dry Reds

medium body, elegant aroma & smooth tannin
Cabernet Franc
aromas of herbs & ripe red fruits, w/ notes of chocolate, tobacco
Cabernet Sauvignon
blackberry and dark cherry with hint of vanilla
Petite Sirah
big dark fruit bomb, big oak & smoky spice


Craft Beer

5Bridges, Kolsch-style ale, Blue Island, 5.4%, $5

White, Belgium Witbier, Allagash, 5.1%, $7

Tangerine, Lost Coast Brewery, 5.5%, $5

Zombie Dust, Pale Ale, 3F, 6.2% $6

Gumball Head, APA, 3F, 5.6%, $6

Alpha King, APA, 3F, 6.6%, $6

Daisy Cutter, APA, 5.2% $6

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, IPA, 7%, $5

VooDoo Ranger, IPA New Belgium, 9% $5

Lagunitas, IPA, 6.2%, $5

Dank Punk, IPA, Blue Island Beer, 5.4%, $6, PT

Hard Luck, IPA, Blue Island Beer, 6.6%, $6

Little Sumpin’ Sumpin, Lagunitas, 7.5%, $5

Golden Monkey, Tripel Ale, Victory, 9.5%, $5

MPC, Amber Ale, Blue Island, $6

Villain, Amber Lager, Blue Island, 5%, PT $6

Moose Drool, Brown Ale, Big Sky Brewing, 5%, $6

Flannel Pajamas, Begyle Oatmeal Stout, 5.4%, $6 PT

Fat Pug, Oatmeal Stout, 5.9%, $6PT

Vanilla Porter, Breckenridge Brewery, 5.4% $5


Hell or High Watermelon, 21st Amendment Brewery, 4%, $5

1911 Tropical Hard Cider Beak & Skiff 6.5%, $7 PT

1911 Black Cherry Cider, Beak & Skiff 6.9%, $7 PT

Radler, Grapefruit, Stiegl, Austria, 3.2%, $6, PT

Tropical Bitch, Flying Dog, Belgian IPA , 8.0%, $6

City Water, Pink Lemonade Ooh Lala, Seltzer, 5%, $6 PT

Sun Standard, Blue Island, $6 PT

Autumn Ale, Breckenridge Brewery, 7.0%,  $5

Vanilla Pumpkin  Beer, O’fallon Brewery, 5.6% $5

Import Beer

Corona Light, Mexico, 4.6%, $4.75

Modelo, Mexico, 4.5%, $4.75

Stella Artois, Belgium, 5%, $5

Svyturys Ekstra, Dortmunder, Lithuania 5.2% $6 PT

Delirium Tremens, Belgium, 8.5%, $8 PT

Radler, Grapefruit, Stiegl, Austria, 3.2%, $6, PT

Tropical Bitch, Flying Dog, Belgian IPA , 8.0%, $6

City Water, Pink Lemonade Ooh Lala, Seltzer, 5%, $6 PT

Sun Standard, Blue Island, $6 PT

Autumn Ale, Breckenridge Brewery, 7.0%,  $5

Vanilla Pumpkin  Beer, O’fallon Brewery, 5.6% $5


Miller Light, $3

Coors Light, $3

Bud Light, $3

Hard Seltzer/Ciders

City Water, Mixed Berry Seltzer, 5%, $5

City Water, Lime Coconut Seltzer, 5%, $5

Made Marion, Blackberry Cider, 6.0%, $6

Easy Squeezy, Raspberry Lemonade Cider, 5%, $6

Easy Squeezy, Pacific Pineapple Cider, 5%, $6


Heineken 0.0, $4

Ginger Beer, $4


Mix and Match Whiskey/Bourbon Flight

3 - 1oz pours
$  17.00


Shady Mile Straight Bourbon - Kentucky

Extremely rich & balanced, rich & smooth 90 Proof
  rocks|neat 1oz $6 rocks|neat 2oz $10

Roulette Rye Whiskey – Tennessee

Orange creamsicle and vegetal flavors dominate the palate, with oak spice 100 Proof
  rocks|neat 1oz $6 rocks|neat 2oz $10

Deadwood Rye Whiskey – Tennessee

Fruity and spicy, with notes of dill, honey, vanilla, dried orchard fruit, baking spice and some hay-like earthiness 83 Proof
  rocks|neat 1oz $6 rocks|neat 2oz $10

Debonair Blended Straight Bourbon – Illinois

Vanilla wafer cookies, cinnamon pastry, bavarian cream, bananas flambe, buttered sweet corn bread, and candied cherries 92 proof
  rocks|neat 1oz $6 rocks|neat 2oz $10

****Oola Waitsburg Bourbon – Washington

Seasoned oak, vanilla, and baking spices balance 94 Proof
  rocks|neat 1oz $7 rocks|neat 2oz $12

****Bradshaw Bourbon – Kentucky

Cinnamon, Baking Spices, Vanilla, and Coconut
  rocks|neat 1oz $7 rocks|neat 2oz $12

****Noah’s Mill Bourbon – Kentucky

Seasoned oak, toasted pecan, and burnt sugar notes. 114.3 Proof
  rocks|neat 1oz $8 rocks|neat 2oz $14

****Coppercraft Straight Bourbon – Michigan

Light hints of Vanilla and oak, mild cinnamon, vanilla, and honey are present on the first sip 97 proof
  rocks|neat 1oz $9 rocks|neat 2oz $16

****Wilderness Trail Bourbon – Kentucky

Thick and oily with buttered popcorn, more chewy caramel, and a bit of polished wood, 100 Proof
  rocks|neat 1oz $7 rocks|neat 2oz $12

****Journeyman Featherbone Bourbon – Michigan

Organic and Kosher. Bold and assertive, sweet with caramel notes 90 Proof
  rocks|neat 1oz $8 rocks|neat 2oz $14

****Rowan’s Creek Bourbon – Kentucky

Mint, maple, vanilla and caramel flavor notes, 100.1 Proof
  rocks|neat 1oz $7 rocks|neat 2oz $12

****Pot Still Willett Reserve Bourbon – Kentucky

Nutty, oak, black tea and butterscotch flavor, 8 year, 94 Proof
  rocks|neat 1oz $10 rocks|neat $18

****Indicates premium Additional $1each


Loch Lomond Single Malt - Scotland

Distinctive background character w/ a hint of smoke & peat
  rocks|neat 1oz $6 rocks|neat 2oz $11

Loch Lomond Single Malt 12 Year - Scotland

Deep fruity character of peach and pear layered w/ vanilla sweetness & hints of peat & moss
  rocks|neat 1oz $7 rocks|neat 2oz $12

Glen Allachie 18 Year

Big and fudge-y at first, with barley and lemon yogurt, but then it moves on to balanced and friendly notes of apricots. Won double gold at the International Spirits Challenge.
  rocks|neat 1oz $18 rocks|neat 2oz $32


Père Dom Napolean

Muscat grapes, winy notes toasted oak, with a hint of exotic fruit finish
  rocks|neat 1oz $7 rocks|neat 2oz $12


Rum Flight


Centenario 7 Year

Ample vanilla of course, plus some coconut, almond, and quite gentle baking spice notes
  rocks|neat 1oz $6 rocks|neat 2oz $10

Centenario 12 Year

A salted caramel character is heavy on the palate, with the coconut notes taking on a more toasted character
  rocks|neat 1oz $7 rocks|neat 2oz $12

Centenario 18 Year

Raisiny and spicy on the palate, notes of furniture polish, old leather, and mocha dominate
  rocks|neat 1oz $8 rocks|neat 2oz $14


Adictivo Plata


Adictivo Reposado


Adictivo Añejo


Tequila Flight

3 - 1oz pours

Adictivio Blanco

finish is warm, smooth, and semidry leaving long lasting sweet agave, lemon, and vanilla buttercream taste

Adictivo Reposado

very sweet right off the bat, fruits and brown sugar, some creme brulee type notes and the finish lasts a while.

Adictivo Añejo

baked fruit, oak resin, vanilla, caramel, and several other sweet flavors, with the lingering flavors of cognac.